2016 Winter Rosé, Willamette Valley

2016 Winter Rosé, Willamette Valley


Rosé. No longer just for summer!

CLICK TO WATCH: Winemaker Bryan shares Winter Rosé on NBC/KGW Live at 7!

Rosé is one of the best food pairing wines for the colder winter months and for Valentine's Day! Made specifically with hearty food pairings in mind, this barrel-aged rosé is fruit forward yet savory, with a fuller-bodied texture to pair with roasted meats and winter vegetables.

Pairs well with:  roasted meats like turkey and ham, winter veggies, and squash

  • 78% Pinot Noir, 19% Chardonnay, 3% Tempranillo
  • 12.7% alcohol


  • Aged 12 months in previously filled French Oak barrels
  • 18-day primary fermentation

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