Bryan Laing

 Dad, Husband, Winemaker:

Bryan’s love of wine is rooted in his Oregon blood.

“I grew up in a family who appreciated great wine. I was taught that wine is something special yet something that is a staple of everyday life – a condiment with any meal… something to talk about over family dinners, something to share with good people and great friends, and something to collect and age with memories. It’s an inclusive part of everyday life.”

In 2006, Bryan’s love for wine on the dinner table grew into a love for winemaking with his family.

“We sourced amazing fruit from Trudy and Keith at Kramer Vineyards, and five of us set out to make our first Pinot Noir. It’s funny to look back now and realize all of the things we didn’t know then about making wine.”

What started with 5 gallons of Pinot Noir and a Portland basement has grown to over 500 cases of wine and a family wine farm in Newberg, OR.

“I love how much I learn every year and with every new harvest. I am a constant student and sponge for information. I read about wine, talk to other winemakers, drink other people’s wines and try to understand how that winemaker got there, watch YouTube videos that other winemakers put out, and soak up everything I can get. My understanding of winemaking changes daily, and I literally can’t get enough of it.”

Bryan's love of cooking also directs his approach to winemaking, always looking for the perfect balance in flavors and texture.

“With food, you’re looking for balance in flavors and texture. Salt, acidity, sweetness, spice, crunch, smoothness, etc… the combination of those elements make for great food that is interesting and pops in the mouth.

I approach winemaking in the same way.

From a general standpoint, I aim for balance. I aim for clean and elegant wines with as much complexity as I can draw out of the fruit. Acidity is very important to me as it helps the wines pair well with food and age gracefully, and my absolute favorite part of any wine is the depth of complex aromatics.”

Bryan aims to create a portfolio of delicious wines that have the complexity and balance to stand on their own, but also work together to create a cohesive journey, like a multi-course meal.

“If I am making a barrel aged Chardonnay that has gone through malolactic fermentation, then I balance that with a clean, stainless steel, acid driven rosé. If Chardonnay is the first course, then I want the rosé to be the palate cleanser – like a little ball of melon sorbet before stepping into the next course of Pinot Noir.”

Winemaking is Bryan’s love language, and he can’t wait to share his journey with you!

5 random facts about Bryan from Instagram:

1) Bryan wishes he was a rock star, but he has no musical talent and he definitely sucks at dancing. His ultimate goal is to one day own a large outdoor concert venue surrounded by a vineyard in the Willamette Valley so we can all listen to live music all summer long.

2) Bryan was once an on-stage contestant on The Price is Right in the Bob Barker and Rod Roddy days. He lost, and continues to lose on every rerun he has ever seen himself on.

3) Bryan LOVES to cook and geeks out on making every meal gourmet, special, and romantic. Cooking is definitely his love language, and he approaches winemaking in the same way that he cooks. Bryan is very focused on making wine that he hopes YOU will like to drink. It’s his art and his love language, and he cannot wait to share his wines with you over an excellent meal.

4) Bryan didn’t go to school for wine making (he went to school for business). He learned how to make wine with his family starting in 2006, and by watching a lot of YouTube videos. Seriously, you can learn a lot on YouTube these days.

5) Although Bryan is actually an introvert, he’s a Chatty Cathy when he drinks. His drunk alter ego is named, “Disco Dirk."