meet the hazelferns:

Bryan Headshot 2019.jpg




Bryan’s love of wine is rooted in his Oregon blood.

“I grew up in a family who appreciated great wine. I was taught that wine is something special yet something that is a staple of everyday life – a condiment with any meal… something to talk about over family dinners, something to share with good people and great friends, and something to collect and age with memories. It’s an inclusive part of everyday life.”

Bryan started making wine in 2006, experimenting with every tactic and style like a pinot-fueled mad scientist. The focus of every vintage is to make food-friendly wines that feature the terroir and truth of the grape rather than clouding the taste to follow trends. Hazelfern’s dedication to organic farming mirror Bryan’s love of cooking and farm-to-table style.

Bryan left his corporate day job to focus on winemaking full time in 2018.

“Laura and I are raising our kids on a vineyard in one of the most exciting wine regions in the entire world. You only get one life and we’re absolutely living for right now! That is the spirit behind Hazelfern. We refuse to be held back by fear, by golden handcuffs, and the heavy feeling of other people’s expectations. We’re so grateful to wake up everyday and work our asses off pursuing our passion.”


1) Bryan wishes he was a rock star, but he has no musical talent and he definitely sucks at dancing. His ultimate goal is to one day own a large outdoor concert venue surrounded by a vineyard in the Willamette Valley so we can all listen to live music all summer long.

2) Bryan was once an on-stage contestant on The Price is Right in the Bob Barker and Rod Roddy days. He lost, and continues to lose on every rerun he has ever seen himself on.

3) Bryan LOVES to cook and geeks out on making every meal gourmet, special, and romantic. Cooking is definitely his love language, and he approaches winemaking in the same way that he cooks. Bryan is very focused on making wine that he hopes you will like to drink. It’s his art and his love language, and he cannot wait to share his wines with you over an excellent meal.

4) Bryan didn’t go to school for wine making (he went to school for business). He learned how to make wine with his Oregon family starting in 2006.

5) Although Bryan is actually an introvert, he’s a Chatty Cathy when he drinks. His drunk alter ego is named, “Disco Dirk."